Clear the stage for ‘Die Punkies’

The key to being a successful band: Delighting screaming fans in sold-out concert halls!
This is the pop star dream shared by friends Aylin, Leonie, Lucas, Ben, Nikolas and their trusty tutor Fräulein von Sieb – together known as ‘Die Punkies’ since 2016. The band’s HQ is their rehearsal room in the community centre in Neubergen, just outside Hamburg. Every now and then Die Punkies get into (mostly musical) battles with the krashkiddz.


Die Punkies®, a brand of Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH; Licensed by TEC/Burda Verlag Brand Licensing

  • Target group: Children aged 10 and above
  • Genre: Band life – five teens live out the adventure of playing in a band
  • 27 audio plays
  • Around 29,200 audio plays sold
  • Around 29,500 per month Spotify listeners
  • Star power meets Die Punkies: Artists from the music scene appear in the world of Die Punkies
  • Dream big: Experience life as a pop star with Die Punkies
  • Coolness factor: product implementation for fashionable tweens and teens, achieved through hip, individual artwork

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