TKKG Junior

A young brand for junior detectives

Tim, Karl, Klößchen and Gaby have set up a detective club and have been solving ‘cases’ with lots of imagination, humour and intuition since 2018.
Nothing can separate them – their friendship always comes first.
The four love adventure, have a strong sense of justice, and get involved whenever they smell wrongdoing or criminality. Always on hand: Oskar the dog.


TKKG®, a brand of Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH; Licensed by TEC/Burda Verlag Brand Licensing

  • Target group: Primary-school children (Listeners from 5/6 years old; readers from 8/9 years old)
  • Genre: Urban, action-packed detective stories
  • 16 audio plays
  • Around 400,000 audio plays sold
  • Around 71,000 per month Spotify listeners
  • Sub-brand of the detective brand TKKG, over 40 years old
  • Clear positioning in the world of primary-school detectives
  • Unisex brand to enjoy adventures together

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