Die drei ???

Die drei ???

Die drei ??? are the young detectives Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews. The somewhat chubby Justus is the leader and the brains of Die drei ???. Peter is the greatest athlete among them, but at the same time the biggest coward. Bob is responsible for research and archives in the trio. The boys live in the fictional Californian coastal town of Rocky Beach near L.A.. An old trailer, the headquarters, serves as their office. The starting signal for “Die drei ???” in Germany came in 1968 with the publication of the first book. Since 1979, the adventures have also been published in the form of radio plays. Since then, the series has been celebrated like no other and has thrilled generations.


Die Drei ??? © 2022 Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart. Color illustrations by Aiga Rasch/Silvia Christoph/Andreas Ruch

  • Target group: Children from 10 years old
  • Genre: Detective stories
  • Since 1968
  • Over 55 million records sold
  • Over 18 million books sold
  • 2.5 billion radio play streams on Spotify 2021 – #1 in radio play market with 24% market share
  • Die drei ??? are the most successful detective series in the German-speaking world
  • 83% of the German population knows Die drei ???
  • They are an absolute multi-generational subject – familiarity and positive emotional connection among parents and children.

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