Laura’s biggest dream comes true when her family moves to the countryside: She finally gets her own pony! Sternenschweif is small, grey and tousled, but Laura soon discovers that Sternenschweif isn’t just a normal pony – he’s an enchanted Whenever Laura says the magic words under cover of darkness, her pony is transformed into a beautiful unicorn and she can talk to him and even fly on him. The pair go on lots of adventures together.

Sternenschweif © 2022 Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart. Illustrations by Anna-Lena Kühler I Licensed by TEC/BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing. Based on characters by Working Partners Ltd. © 2022 Working Partners Ltd.

  • Target group: predominantly girls aged 5–8 years old
  • Genre: Pony/unicorn stories full of magic and excitement
  • The successful unicorn series has been enchanting readers since 2004
  • Over 70 adventures experienced
  • 5 million volumes sold
  • 94% of girls like ‘Sternenschweif’
  • perfect combination of horse stories and fantasy adventures
  • enchanting illustrations help with reading comprehension
  • Existing successful product range including books, audio plays, games, advent calendars and console games

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