Bedtime stories for dream adventures

‘No, I don’t want to go to bed!’ – There’s no doubt you’re used to hearing this from your kids. But maybe they don’t know that – as well as being important for their health – sleep also has lots of fantastic adventures in store for them. Anouk shows how: She and her cuddly toy Affi don’t just travel the whole world while they sleep – they also encourage children to follow their dreams.

Anouk’s bedtime stories are all about being brave, and feature messages of self-confidence, love and encouragement. Sometimes when we close our eyes we see what’s important in life.

The inspiration for the stories was Anouk, Hendrikje Balsmeyer and Peter Maffay’s daughter, when she was one year old and had trouble going to sleep. The authors’ circle of friends and acquaintances included several mothers who also mentioned their children’s difficulties going to sleep, which gave Hendrikje the idea of writing a children’s book with Anouk as the protagonist.

These nighttime adventures aim to provide children with motivation to dive into the world of dreams every evening… because just like us parents, kids love adventures and sweet dreams!


® 2022 Tabaluga, Enterprises GmbH. ANOUK is based on an idea by Hendrikje Balsmeyer, Peter Maffay and Joëlle Tourlonias.; Licensed by TEC/BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing.

  • Target group: Children aged 5 and above
  • Genre: exciting bedtime stories
  • Authors: Hendrikje Balsmeyer and Peter Maffay
  • Illustrator: Joëlle Tourlonias
  • Edition: 4th edition; total of 41,000 books
  • Unmistakeable personality: Anouk is endearing, helpful and brave, and experiences new things every night
  • Designed with love: colourful, atmospheric images; large reading format
  • Educational: puts across key values, increases children’s self-confidence, inspires imagination

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