Die Teufelskicker

Titles – Goals – Team spirit

‘Die Teufelskicker’ are a group of children who dedicate their free time to their shared hobby, football, and spend lots of time with their friends on the pitch.

The teammates in blue and yellow don’t just fight for trophies. Injuries, tough decisions, nasty tricks by opponents and the destruction of the club house are just as problematic for ‘Die Teufelskicker’ as not mucking up their Maths homework – because it’d mean their parents banning them from playing football.

‘Die Teufelskicker’ offer great identification potential and exciting football action at the same time.


Teufelskicker®, a brand of Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH; Licensed by TEC/Burda Verlag Brand Licensing

  • Target group: Children between 5 and 11 years old
  • Genre: Football, team spirit, adventure and everyday teen topics
  • 89 audio plays
  • Over 5.2 million audio plays sold
  • Around 61,000 per month Spotify listeners
  • Tap into the #1 topic for kids – FOOTBALL
  • Huge interactive betting campaign on the Euros and World Cup with wide-ranging special integrations
  • Varied group targeting with the possibility of wide-ranging, individual artwork

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