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The globally successful premium lifestyle brand offers everything that men love – and has been convincing in Germany for more than 46 years with versatility, aspiration, excellence and its cross-media presence. The media brand PLAYBOY stands for quality journalism and offers its readers frequently quoted interviews, award-winning reports and elaborate photo productions. PLAYBOY serves all topics relevant to men from the areas of automobile, lifestyle, style, grooming, technology, enjoyment, travel and culture.

Playboy is one of the best-known and most valuable media brands in the world. Founded in Chicago in 1953 as a magazine by the then 27-year-old Hugh Hefner, Playboy is now a global media champion. Coveted by millions, often copied, completely unmistakable. And undisputedly: as a brand long cult!

Playboy has been delighting its readers in Germany since 1972. As the world’s first Playboy licensed brand, the German edition has established itself as the leading media brand in the men’s lifestyle sector. The German playboy offers contemporary, witty and sophisticated entertainment and is now successful in D-A-CH on all relevant channels and platforms and can be experienced live as a brand.

  • The best-known and most successful premium magazine for men offers everything men love
  • PLAYBOY is growing on all channels and, according to IVW II/2021, has 46,187 subscribers (+19%), the highest number of subscriptions since 2000
  • With 102,386 copies sold, total sales are 8.4% up on the previous year, while retail sales of PLAYBOY grew by 10% to 41,051 copies
  • Still on course for digital growth: according to IVW, page impressions at the end of the second quarter of 2021 increased by 40% to 31.4 million PIs compared to the previous year, and mobile access by 19% to 1.12 million visits

The best-known and most successful premium magazine for men offers everything that men love in its diversity.

Since 1972, PLAYBOY has also stood for first-class, elaborate and trend-setting nude photography in Germany – witty, excellent entertainment in the truest sense of the word – and a cultivated, sophisticated and varied reading pleasure. The reports are gripping, genuine and award-winning. The portraits are close and profound, the interviews are often quoted. The lifestyle themes are stimulating, up-to-date and unusual.

PLAYBOY is an indispensable journalistic voice for enlightenment, tolerance and self-determination.

Through a wide range of exclusive events, sponsorships and cooperations, PLAYBOY transports the brand message to the end consumer and makes the brand tangible.

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