Bears, flowers, non-stylish maternity dress? For sure not! INSTYLE MINI & ME shows how stylish pregnancy and motherhood can be.

Our standalone fills a gap in the market: Instead of giving parenting tips, we reveal styling tricks for expectant and new mothers. We show how life with a baby’s tummy, infants and toddlers can look from a lifestyle perspective.

INSTYLE MINI & ME is published two times a year and is available as a standalone at the kiosk for 3 months. The ideal companion for all (new) mums, pregnant women, aunts and friends who don’t want to miss out on style! INSTYLE MINI & ME also takes place digitally on INSTYLE.DE: prominently placed on the start page as a separate channel.

  • INSTYLE MINI & ME is the source of inspiration for trendy pregnant women and mothers.
  • The Magazin provides the highest level of inspiration and credibility through the brand transfer of INSTYLE.
  • INSTYLE MINI & ME achieves the highest visibility because it stays at the kiosk for three months.
  • The appropriate editorial environment reinforces the positive awareness of each marketing message.

INSTYLE MINI & ME fills a gap in the market and therefore has the greatest possible potential for advertisers. With styling, beauty and lifestyle tips for mum and child, INSTYLE MINI & ME offers the perfect platform to strengthen the positive awareness of every marketing statement through the editorial environment. The format is also strongly represented digitally on social media.

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