FOCUS - The modern news magazine

FOCUS is the modern news magazine from the German capital of Berlin, a place where trends are born and important political decisions reached. FOCUS addresses the full spectrum of important social issues like no other news magazine in its class.

FOCUS brings clarity to complex topics and offers its readers the orientation they need to navigate this fast, digital world. FOCUS incorporates emotional visual language in multi-dimensional stories and combines unique narratives with high-quality service.

  • FOCUS sells around 270,000 copies week after week, in print or digitally.
  • FOCUS reaches around 3.14 million readers.
  • As one of Germany’s highest-profile magazines, FOCUS serves the entire spectrum of socially relevant topics and offers communication in authentic topics.
  • FOCUS is a magazine for those who look to the future with optimism and see change as an opportunity.
  • FOCUS is facts and emotions. They help readers making the right decisions for themselves in confusing times.
  • FOCUS reaches a forward-looking, educated, high-income, consumer-oriented target group with a broad spectrum of interests.

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