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From 2021 onwards, the FIT FOR FUN magazine will be published four times a year with a new look and feel as a high-quality and comprehensive supplement, alternating with the high-reach Burda brands FOCUS and freundin (publisher’s subscription + retail sale). The theme worlds of Fitness & Health, Nutrition & Weight Loss as well as Lifestyle/Fun, which have characterised the concept in the past years, will also remain in future.

Our readers are unisex, active and ambitious, they want to be fit and attractive, they enjoy trying new things and are even ready to spend a lot of money on it. FIT FOR FUN is the leading medium for fitness, nutrition and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

On 52 pages, it is all about individual health topics, sports and fitness, food and weight loss trends as well as mobility, travel, beauty or fashion. In each supplement, there is a major focus topic in addition to the theme worlds.

  • High reach – with FOCUS and freundin for a bargain price (1/1 page 18,000 EUR).
  • Attention-grabbing – the supplement overhangs the top of FOCUS and freundin magazine.
  • FIT FOR FUN has been reinventing FITNESS, FOOD and LIFESTYLE daily since 1994.
  • FIT FOR FUN is for men and women – The new FIT FOR FUN expands your target group by the advice and success-oriented FOCUS reader as well as by the “WE feeling” and empowerment of the freundin reader.
  • FIT FOR FUN is not only strong in fitness, but also offers wide-ranging content and settings for health and food customers.

FIT FOR FUN reaches out to people who are active and like to try something new, that’s what makes them particularly open for advertising and for your approach.

With its wide range of media platforms, FIT FOR FUN offers you the best advertising opportunities for cross-media campaigns.

No other brand offers such individual cross-media campaigns, event and license collaborations and extraordinary ad specials.

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