MEIN SCHÖNES LAND - The essence of country living

The essence of country living

MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY is the magazine for all those who want to bring the country into their lives, preserve what is good and discover what is beautiful.

MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY conveys rural traditions and crafts, old gardening knowledge and recipes that grandmother used to cook.

The beauty of nature and the seasons are as much the focus as the life of the animals.

MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY is aimed at all country and nature lovers, offering them time out from the stresses of everyday life and satisfying their longing for a rural way of life.

MEIN SCHÖNES LAND is one of the Top 3 country magazines.
MEIN SCHÖNES LAND is relevant for different advertisers because of its broad range of topics and its affluent readership is interested in a wide variety of areas.
MEIN SCHÖNES LAND is a cross-media brand with close ties to consumers via digital channels such as Facebook, Pinterest and the website MEIN-SCHOENER-GARTEN.DE, which has been the digital content home of MEIN SCHÖNES LAND since January 2022.
MEIN SCHÖNES LAND has the strongest brand loyalty among the Top 3 country magazines and at the same time is the only brand with a significant increase in brand loyalty (source: HBM brand monitor 2016, performed by Infratest; based on widest readership/widest circle of users of the respective brand).

MEIN SCHÖNES LAND is the everyday companion for female readers who love the natural life, like to treat themselves and have a high household net income. They have a natural, sustainable lifestyle and consciously take breaks from their everyday life. During these breaks, they long for inspiration to relax, which they find in the variety of articles about gardening, recipes, creativity, home and living, health, travel, nature and animals, the countryside and craftsmanship in MEIN SCHÖNES LAND.

MEIN SCHÖNES LAND is dedicated to the beautiful aspects of rural living and offers different sectors a large variety of advertising opportunities due to its wide variety of topics.

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