SLOWLY VEGGIE! - Soulful vegetarian and vegan cooking

SLOWLY VEGGIE! interprets healthy & conscious cuisine in a high-quality look & feel and a fresh and light appearance without raising the healthy index finger and follows the trend of more conscious living. Thanks to the simplicity of the ingredients, preparation and everyday suitability, the magazine also offers fresh and wholesome alternatives for non-vegetarians.

  • Creative and uncomplicated recipes and ideas, that are convincing with simplicity of ingredients and preparation
  • User acquisition: sustainable data-driven SEO-strategy in combination with synergies of BurdaHome Food social media.
  • Target group: vegetarian or vegan living consumers with interests in healthy food and sustainable lifestyle as well as all people who love to experiment in your own kitchen or just want to eat tasty and meatless
  • Our vision: we will be the No.1 place to go for baking!
  • Success guarantee: cumulative media- and content competences of Hubert Burda Media

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Phone: +49 89 9250-1301
Fax: +49 89 9250-1304