MA VIE Magazin

MA VIE - Sustainable. Mindful. Inspired.

With a focus on sustainability and mindfulness, MA VIE invites its readers to take a short break from their increasingly hectic everyday lives, to pause and reflect on themselves: Where am I in my life, what new ideas inspire me, where do I want to go? MA VIE is about traditional values, conscious consumption and quality.

MA VIE is an invitation in our fast-paced world to simply pause for a moment. And to consciously take time to be inspired by new ideas, visions or even mind games.

MA VIE is anything but a higher-faster-further course. In MA VIE, we introduce people who are concerned with consumption and quality and report on modern manufactories that produce their products with great attention to detail.

MA VIE stands for consistent sustainability: Since 2019, MA VIE, including the cover, content pages and extras such as wrapping paper and postcards, is made of 100 percent recycled paper. Since 2020, MA VIE has been a member of 1% for the planet and donates 1% of its annual sales to the non-profit organization Green Forest Fund to make a sustainable contribution to climate and species protection.

  • Attractive readership: Modern, reflective, open-minded women, between 20-49 years, with high HHNK, who want to live and shape their everyday life more consciously.
  • High-selling communication: Targeted POS measures and advertisements in media from Hubert Burda Media
  • High-quality booklet design and attractive surroundings: from the cover to cards and wrapping paper to haptic refinements
  • High credibility: Strong reader trust in the MA VIE brand
  • Brand world: Experience the brand in the form of numerous products and events.
  • Added value for the reader: at least 2 innovative extras with a collector’s character in every issue

MA VIE offers a perfect platform to address the target group of modern women between 20 – 49.

With life-affirming themes such as “Love of Detail,” “New Perspectives,” “Live More Consciously,” “Create and Enjoy,” and “Experience Nature,” the magazine specifically addresses the needs of its target group.

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