FOCUS MONEY – Investing money is fun

The world of business is exciting. FOCUS MONEY provides the proof. Week after week.

With our magazine, we provide concrete financial benefits and help our readers to increase their wealth – with passion, economic expertise and an alert eye on the stock market. Because one thing is certain: enthusiasm for financial topics, empathy and humor are not mutually exclusive.

  • High-quality platform: Focused on the specific topics of economics, politics, business, finance, tax, investment and insurance.
  • Top target audience consisting of opinion leaders and decision-makers.
  • Leading position on the economic magazine market thanks to superior quality as a reader guide.

FOCUS MONEY is the unique business and finance magazine: It combines a high level of economic competence with useful advice on many different investment opportunities.

FOCUS MONEY convinces above all with its unique mix of topics: politics, economy, companies and markets play a central role, as do taxes and law.

FOCUS MONEY has tailored its editorial concept specifically to the demands of a high-profile target group: Professional decision-makers will find important information for investment decisions – at work and in their private lives.

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