BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing acquires ‘Die drei !!!’ by KOSMOS

Burda’s unit for brand collaborations and licensed products expands its brand portfolio with a further kids’ brand:...

Burda’s unit for brand collaborations and licensed products expands its brand portfolio with a further kids’ brand: ‘Die drei !!!’. BurdaVerlag’s licensing agency expands its group targeting with young girls aged 8 to 14 years in particular with the exclusive rights to market the popular children’s brand in German-speaking countries.

‘At KOSMOS we work hard on systematically transforming our popular book series into brands with a serious experience factor. In BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing we’ve found a strong partner to have at our side to turn the stories with the three detectives Kim, Franzi and Marie into attractive products and experiences. The current Kosmos product range of books and games as well as current successful partnerships with Sony Music, Boxine, Carlsen and Spreadshirt create the perfect foundation for the brand’s growth’, says Kirstin Kreppel, Head of Entertainment & Licensing at Kosmos.

‘For 15 years “Die drei !!!” have delighted a large, active fan community with their detective stories, which are the perfect combination of thriller, friendship and coming of age, producing lots of links for attractive licensed products. That’s why I’m so happy that we’re now able to offer our licensees another convincing brand in the children’s and teen sector’, says Lasse Martinsen, Director of Brand Licensing.

Following the successful acquisition of the five popular children’s and teen brands ‘TKKG’, ‘TKKG Junior’, ‘Die Fuchsbande’, ‘Teufelskicker’ and ‘Die Punkies’ from Sony Family Entertainment, as well as the ‘Anouk’ brand from Tabaluga Enterprises, BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing is now able to expand its wide-ranging group targeting from kids to best agers with ‘Die drei !!!’. The in-house agency counts on many years of media expertise and offers its customers varied and wide-reaching collaboration opportunities with BurdaVerlag titles as well as external brands. This expertise makes BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing unique on the market for both licensors and licensees.

Successful brands currently in the portfolio include publishing brands such as Elle, InStyle, Fit For Fun, Freundin and Meine Familie & ichwww.burda-brand-licensing.com


About ‘Die drei !!!’

‘Die drei !!!’ have investigated more than 90 cases in over 15 years. In this time around five million books have been sold, making ‘Die drei !!!’ Germany’s most successful female detective series. A comprehensive range of products and brands has also built up around ‘Die drei !!!’: Alongside the popular audio plays, fans can also buy detective puzzles, calendars and a range of first readers. Kim, Franzi and Marie even conquered the silver screen in 2019. As years have passed the clever detectives have garnered a large and very active fan community that eagerly awaits each new case.


KOSMOS Verlag is based in Stuttgart and is one of the leading publishers of guidebooks, children’s books and games. The long-established publishing company’s wide range comprises successful nature guides like ‘Was blüht denn da?’, high-circulation special-interest titles in the field of horses and pets, and worldwide brands including ‘CATAN’, ‘EXIT’, ‘Die drei !!’ and ‘Die drei ???’. www.kosmos.de

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