Mc Cafe

Fashion meets fast food

The Berlin-based designer Dawid Tomaszewski presents a limited-edition range of bottles to show just how well coffee and fashion go together. The thermal bottles with a koi design came about as part of a collaboration between Brand Licensing by Burda and McCafé. As of 17 January they can be bought for a limited period of time at around 800 McCafés around Germany.

Koi as good luck charms

Just in time for the 2019 Berlin Fashion Week and its tenth anniversary, the designer decorated the popular thermal bottles for McCafé with his iconic koi patterns and presented the limited edition as part of his fashion show. The designer explains: ‘I’m so happy to be able to share my designs with McCafé fans too now. The bottle is especially close to my heart because koi have a very special meaning for me – they’re supposed to give joy and bliss in day-to-day life.’

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