‘Anouk’ – new in the BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing portfolio

‘Anouk’ – the new children’s brand by Hendrikje Balsmeyer and Peter Maffay in the BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing...

‘Anouk’ – the new children’s brand by Hendrikje Balsmeyer and Peter Maffay in the BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing portfolio.

Munich, 22 November 2021BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing is now marketing the new children’s brand ‘Anouk’ by Tabaluga Enterprises, which includes the children’s book ‘Anouk, die nachts auf Reisen geht’. The bedtime stories were written by Hendrikje Balsmeyer and Peter Maffay, and lovingly designed by popular illustrator Joëlle Tourlonias in her unique style. The stories, for boys and girls aged 5 years and above, transmit key educational values to strengthen children’s self-confidence and stimulate their imagination.

‘The new brand by Tabaluga Enterprises produces a broad spectrum of licensing potential with Anouk and all her friends as day-to-day companions. The possibilities range from toys to fashion and accessories, all the way to imaginatively designed children’s rooms and the entire home, living and outdoor area’, gushes Lasse Martinsen, Director of Brand Licensing, about the new addition, and adds: ‘Branded and specially designed products create proximity to the stories’ brave protagonist and they elicit amazing emotions, like making the trip to nursery or primary school a real adventure with a matching rucksack or school bag.’

‘In collaboration with the experts at BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing, we want to design licensed products that aren’t just practical and attractive-looking, but which carry a message too’, Peter Maffay explains. Hendrikje Balsmeyer adds: ‘Our stories ought to communicate a feeling of safety and tranquillity as part of an evening routine so that children can sleep healthily. At the same time the stories strengthen values like self-belief and a feeling for togetherness with others. We’re convinced that you can’t learn social responsibility soon enough.’

The comprehensive ‘Anouk’ style guide with its stunning illustrations allows licence holders to design individual and unmistakeable products. Plus, the matching values of ‘Anouk’ with the hugely successfully children’s brand ‘Tabaluga’, which celebrates its fortieth anniversary next year, make for varied and wide-reaching communication possibilities for expanded group targetting, including through Peter Maffay’s concerts.

BurdaVerlag Brand Licensing exclusively takes over all licence-marketing activities from distribution to brand management, all the way from partner acquisition for licensors to putting together comprehensive brand collaborations. Following the successful acquisition of the five existing brands TKKG, TKKG Junior, Die Fuchsbande, Teufelskicker and Die Punkies from EUROPA (Sony Music Entertainment), Brand Licensing is expanding its portfolio in the children’s segment.

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