Make cooking fun!

FIT FOR FUN kitchen with Küche&Co.

The FIT FOR FUN kitchen came about as part of a collaboration between Brand Licensing by Burda and Küche&Co.

Healthy cooking isn’t just about lots of fresh, healthy ingredients, it’s also having the perfect kitchen to help you cook better, healthier and above all more often. After all, if you cook yourself, you’re sure to eat healthier. Of course, this means cooking has to be fun. First-rate kitchen tools like a hyperFresh fridge or a built-in steam oven can turn a kitchen into a new arena of adventure.

This collaboration included a kitchen competition that generated high levels of participation. The winner was drawn via Facebook Live in the Küche&Co. studio in Hamburg-Eppendorf, and the editorial team made a video from the streaming footage. The competition ran in the FIT FOR FUN magazine and online on

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